Paypal and Payment Providers

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It can be difficult to think of 'tech companies' or 'internet companies as anything other than 'modern' but the pace of change is so quick that companies have to 're-brand' One such company is Paypal. We can remember when Paypal was seen as the new kid on the block and accepting payments online was filled with trepidation, from both the buyer and the seller's perspective.

Banks where slow off the mark and companies like Paypal seized the initiative. Paypal is now re-branding and 'positioning' itself as the company that simplifies - what has become a complicated process. As Mobile Commerce grows, there is really no reason why you cannot accept payments in a simpler and customer friendly fashion. As Paypal suggest the three main areas that have helped them create a customer base of over 140million are


With new entrants to the market (such as PayM) there is now a wide choice of options. Banks have a poor reputation and struggle to connect with customers in a way that online companies have,