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Just say no - not all clients are right for you

Just say No

I remember this video and just recently it came to mind as I had a similar story with a client.
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Paypal and Payment Providers

It can be difficult to think of 'tech companies' or 'internet companies as anything other than 'modern' but the pace of change is so quick that companies have to 're-brand' One such company is Paypal. We can remember when Paypal was seen as the new kid on the block and accepting payments online was...
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Cras vitae ligula

Cras vitae ligula vulputate, facilisis augue et, iaculis massa. Sed ut sem malesuada, congue libero nec, semper tortor. Fusce nec ante suscipit, imperdiet ante a, rhoncus odio. Cras ac euismod mi. Aenean bibendum molestie eros et aliquam. Etiam venenatis interdum massa, nec pellentesque felis...
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Ut eu malesuada

Ut eu malesuada lorem. Nullam eget varius dui, sed euismod lacus. Nunc porttitor eros vitae imperdiet eleifend. Praesent blandit dignissim risus, sit amet semper nisl feugiat ac. Aliquam erat volutpat. Phasellus suscipit. Nunc posuere, nisi vel ultrices convallis, urna diam ullamcorper neque, quis...
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Sed Congue Orci

Sed congue orci sed nunc molestie, et dapibus elit ultrices. Cras imperdiet nulla in mauris placerat, id vulputate magna imperdiet. Pellentesque eu justo sodales, molestie massa nec, sollicitudin neque. Curabitur iaculis. Nunc ac pretium mauris. Donec volutpat nulla orci, non venenatis lorem...
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In Pulvinar Lacus

In pulvinar lacus tellus, sed scelerisque nibh ultricies et. Curabitur laoreet eu dolor ac tristique. Vestibulum pulvinar sollicitudin sem, ut semper orci congue ac. Nunc scelerisque orci lectus. Pellentesque laoreet. Vivamus at dignissim nunc. Curabitur tellus massa, pellentesque sed pulvinar sit...
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